The FERRARI family have been in the leather sector since 1960s already in 1964, Antonio FERRARI, founder of the FERRARI company, was importing high quality leathers particularly from France, and distributing them on the Italian market, thus creating an important Franco-italian pipeline bringing top quality leathers to an ever-increasing clientele of shoe and leathergoods makers.

Towards the end of te 1970s, when son Gianluigi come into the business started up representing, on an exclusive basis in Italy, prestigious suppliers such as:

Julien MERCIER SA (today know as Megisserie MERCIER), european leader in lambskins;

TANNERIE D'ANNONAY SA, who are today perhaps the best tannery in the world for aniline calfskins (BOXCALF type) for deluxe shoes and leathergoods.

JULLIEN et Cie, leader in the manufacture of ultra-high quality goatskins.

Today, G.L. Ferrari Agenzie, with a large and diverse clientele, operates in all sectors of the leathergoods, footwear and leather apparel markets, and has growing presence in each os these sectors.